July 13, 2010

My Top Three White Blouse Picks!

 It was love at first sight when I witnessed this blouse on a mannequin at New York & Co today at the mall.  I ran over to the rack it was displayed on, grabbed my size and went to the dressing room. I tried it on and immediately began hearing those voices in my head saying "You need this!" It was superbly fitted in all the right places. And how fabulous it would look this fall with my skinny leg jeans (which are here to stay for a while longer:-) Now, you are thinking that I bought it, right? WRONG. I put it back with tears in my eyes. It was inexpensive at $39.95, but I need to be a good girl right now. I will be back, though. And if it was meant to be, it will be there waiting for me in my size;-)

This is the Frances ruffled tuxedo shirt from JCrew. It reminds me of the one I got at Talbots this past spring. It is so pretty and it looks great under a v-neck boyfriend cardigan. Soon enough we will be layering up again, but for now it looks super cool with shorts.

This is the Diane von Furstenberg Vitale top available at Shop Bop. It is super cool and flowy and looks great with a multitude of bottoms:-)

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