July 9, 2010

Roll 'em!

To roll or not to roll? That is the question. I say roll with it. Rolling your pants is HOT right now and lets face it, it looks really cool. It kind of gives me an 80's flashback of when we used to roll our pants and tuck them into our socks. OK, so that was not such a great look. But the art of pant rolling has evolved since then. The key to a cool pant roll is to try not to be so neat. For some of us this is difficult. But one must let loose when experimenting with this look. If you are not used to such a look, I suggest that you just give it a try. You may feel a little bit kooky at first, but just go with it. I guarantee that you will begin to feel free, fun, and fabulous as your stroll through your day!

One of my favorite rolled pants from Talbots. The fabric on these parachute poplin pants is so lightweight and perfect for summer.

JCrew rolled jeans. Notice how the roll is far from perfect.

I can't help but think that Gene Kelly might have had a hand in making the 'rolled pant look' famous. Maybe that's why this look makes me feel free. It brings out the dancer in me! 

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