August 27, 2010

Inspirations Inside My Closet

 Every month or so I post pictures from magazines and/or catalogs in my closet for inspiration. This month I have posted almost all Talbots photos from their September catalog! Believe it or not, Talbots has got some great looks going on. It's no longer your grandma's store. I also have some Kate Spade photos posted on the bottom half. I love all the colors and fun looks that Kate Spade always comes up with.

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Unknown said...

That's a very cool idea, if you have big wardrobe doors like you do then you can fit more looks, I have to make do with one half of a wardrobe while my gf shares the other half.

I think it's really good especially as you see it on a regular basis then anything you want or need is in your mind for when you go shopping and as you get each piece you can pull it off the door of your wardrobe.

It's a bit like a very accessible mood board.

Nice article