August 24, 2010

My Top Five For Fall 2010

As a wardrobe stylist the #1 question I am asked is, what I am going to buy each season to spruce up my wardrobe? I used to make top 10 lists and even top 20 lists. But I am here to tell you that there are only so many days in a year and only so many pieces of clothing/accessories that you are going to be able to wear. Too much will confuse you and offset your already existing perfectly cool wardrobe.....assuming that you have one of these;) If not, you may have to buy more. I happen to need absolutely nothing, but I do love fashion, so buying nothing is never an option. I have learned to carefully narrow down what I am going to buy each season to five key pieces. Here are my top five for Fall 2010:
{in no particular order}
A camel coat is something I don't already have in my wardrobe. It is an item that I will wear for years to come so I will make sure to choose a very classic style.

A pair of leather booties is a must!! I will wear these with many of fall looks. Now I have to choose which one! It wont be easy. Maybe I will base it on comfort......even though we all know a shoe with a heel over 2 inches is not really all that comfy after 5 hrs, but that's fashion for ya!!  (These are 3 inches. Not bad.)
My quest for that perfect lady like crossbody bag has ended! This one is from Marc by Marc Jacobs and it is called the "Perfect Purse Crossbody Bag."  I love the rich look of this color called current, and the chain strap is sooo Chanel. PERFECT! 

A navy blazer like this one on the left by Proenza Schouler is the perfect piece to incorporate into my wardrobe this fall. I could just throw it on with a tee shirt and jeans and look fabulous! The stacked heel boots on the right by  ChloĆ© are new and fresh and will go with everything from long maxi skirts to skinny leg jeans or leggings!

As you can see I am partial to accessories. They can really change up your look! What are your top five for fall?? Post your comment here or click here to "like" Laura's Style on Facebook and post your comment there!

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