August 18, 2010

A Necessary Necessity~A Super Cool Denim Jacket

{Jean Paul Gaultier} Jean Paul took a Levi's denim jacket and make it his own. I LOVE this one because it really hugs you in all the right places. It really screams "I am female, hear me roar!"

A denim jacket is something you will reach for day in and day out in your closet so it is important that you have one that you adore and love to put on. Of course any practical lady knows that you only need one super cool denim jacket, and this is probably true. I have five and two out of the five I find myself reaching for most days. In my opinion having options is good......when it's a denim jacket. You will utilize them with the many different looks that you create. Here are a few of my favorite styles...


This Talbots denim jacket is a very basic and traditional style that everyone would be happy to own but don't mistake it for one that you would only wear with your khakis on your day off. Look how fantastic this model looks wearing it with a camel leather skirt (one of my other favorite things), a sparkle top, and a fur collar. Love it!

 {Juicy Couture}
 This is another really cute very feminine jacket. Looks fab with a pencil skirt and very wearable for work.
 {Top Shop}

A cropped denim jacket is a style that you may not wear a lot, but it is nice to have. I have one and I find that it works really well with certain looks, such as with a really cute dress like the model is wearing in the photo on the left.

{New York & Company}

Nice for work and for play. Probably the most practical denim jacket style that is a must for every wardrobe. This style is very wearable with many different looks.

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Bee K. said...

i never liked denim jackets, but the third and the fourth caught me. they look really good. weird :) xo