August 12, 2010

Put On Your Blue Suede Pumps!

{Yves Saint Laurent $720}
The anniversary of Elvis's death is coming up this month.{August 16th}If you are obsessed with Elvis then that could be your reason for having to own these fabulous Yves Saint Laurent blue suede shoes! Yes, Elvis is cool. But my reason for having to own a pair of blue suede pumps this fall is mostly just because they will make my little black pencil skirt look a little less classic and transform it into something more current. Plus they are such a gorgeous rich color. They will put a little freshness into every step!

Here are some more affordable blue suede pumps that are available right now. On the left we have a pair by Charles David $120 and to the right Franco Sarto for $89. 

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BrooklynBlonde said...

Big fan of the blue suede pumps!!