August 7, 2010

What is GLAMOROUS??? Part I

What is Glamorous? We know that we all want to feel it, but how do we get there? This August 2010 cover of Harpers Bazaar shows Cameron Diaz looking, in my opinion, like the epitome of Glamour. Wouldn't you agree? 

  Don't think that you have to save Glamour strictly for evening. Below I have listed a few different ways that you too can look and feel just as Glamorous as Cameron, but maybe we just tone it down a little for your daytime look.

 Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Red Collection RD 165
Red lips can be very glamorous and can be worn during the day. Sometimes the right red can be difficult to find. There are millions of different red shades to choose from! Stick to a neutral red. One that is not too cool or too warm. I love the one by Shu Uemura pictured above. I had to have it when I learned that this was one of Madonna's top picks. The color is a neutral shade so it looks great on any skin tone and it will bring a little instant Glam into your look.

Pearls, pearls and more pearls! Pearls are one of the most Glamorous accessories that I can think of and they have been worn by so many fashion icons over the years.
Think Breakfast at Tiffany's.
{see below}
Pearls ad instant Glam to an otherwise ordinary black ensemble. Pearls also help to brighten up your face. They give you a glow that makes your face come to life!

Another way to look and feel Glamorous is to create a very sleek and straight hairstyle. You can achieve this look with three of my favorite products.
1) Proclaim Glossing Polish Color and Heat Protector
2) Andis 62390 Aero Straight To The Root 1- inch Ceramic Flat Iron
I love this flat iron. Because of it's pointed end you can easily get to the root of your hair.
3) Goldwell Diamond Gloss Spray Shine
This gives your hair that glossy finish that you only see on celebs and models. Spray it on dry hair after you get it all styled for that diamond like shine.

Stay tuned. There is more to come on simple ways that you can incorporate some instant Glam into your every day life! 

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