August 9, 2010

What is GLAMOROUS??? Part II

Here I am back again to give you just a few more tips on how YOU can feel Glamorous in YOUR every day life. You know that when you feel Glamorous you almost feel like a different woman. You should still feel like you, just a tad bit elevated. The key is to subtly infuse little hints of Glam into your look. Such as a hint of silk under a blazer as Cameron Diaz is wearing in the top photo. This jump suit by Chloe {upper left} is a piece that screams Glamorous. You could tone it down for daytime by throwing on a little denim jacket over it or you could wear a shoe like these super sexy Dior Duo Stamped Python Pumps {upper right} photo for an evening affair. Love it!!!!
 Long leather gloves are another way to Glam it up when the weather gets cooler. As we know it is difficult to look Glamorous when it gets cold outside. We just want to be warm! Well, skip the ski gloves (unless you are skiing of course:) and get Glamorous with a pair of long leather gloves! They are also great when wearing a three quarter sleeve style jacket. You get to keep those arms warm while looking as Glamorous as you possibly can!

My next tip on getting Glam is simple. RED nail polish! One of my personal favorites is Big Apple Red by OPI.

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Bee K. said...

fabulous post, i love your blog better and better day by day :) xo