September 18, 2010

Accordion Pleats Are Sooo Misunderstood!

{Blake Lively wearing a white Kozomara accordion pleat skirt}

Accordion pleats are often associated with your mom or your grandma. I have to admit that before I developed my own sense of style I thought this way too. It was hard to picture it being worn in a cool and stylish way especially when they were made from that awful, itchy, rough, 100% polyester fabric that used to be so popular. The fabrics of today are luxurious and we have learned so much about how to wear clothing in order to fit and flatter our body and create a sense of individuality. Here are a few versions of classic pleated skirts that I found:

{Ann Taylor}

The look on the left is Talbots. Look how classic yet very modern she looks. The pleated skirt on the right is from Brooks Brothers. Like Talbots, they are also known for their classic style. You can do so much with a timeless piece like an accordion pleat skirt!
 Even ultra hip designers Jack McCollough and Lorazo Hernandez knew what they were doing when they designed this look for Proenza Schouler. A fabulous overall look, but I can also see myself wearing this pleated skirt with black tights and a ballet flat.

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Chloƫ, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Accordian pleats are quite elegant and lovely.