September 12, 2010

Leggings. Are They For You?

As a stylist I get asked a lot of questions about how one should wear leggings or if they should wear them at all. I can totally understand the confusion. Leggings can be difficult to pull off in the real world especially if you are over the age of 30. I am not one to say that someone should not wear something because of their age. I say if you can, then do it! In other words, if the look flatters you then wear it by all means! However, there is a fine line there. And with leggings the line gets more fine! How I feel when I wear leggings or tight skinny leg jeans really depends on my shoe choice. If I wear a ballet flat I look and feel cute like a little girl, but when I wear a high heel I look and feel super trendy and sexy! But these two feelings are not always the way we really want to portray our image every day. It is hard to achieve a sophisticated look when wearing a legging but it can be achieved!
See below:

A kitten heel is the perfect heel to pair with a legging. They will add that little bit of sophistication to your look. One rule I try to follow when wearing a legging is to pair them with a tunic style sweater, blouse or jacket that comes down to meet the top of my knee if I can. It may be a little bit challenging to find a top this long especially if you are tall, but don't give up! There is something out there for you. At least make sure that it completely covers your bum or else your look will be unbalanced. Below are two more looks that I created to give you more ideas on how to wear your leggings. Keep the cute look of your leggings balanced by wearing sophisticated accessories and you can't go wrong!

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sopisticated legging look
I created the look pictured above keeping in mind some of the events that you may be attending this season. When we think of special events we automatically think of dresses, skirts and occasionally pants. Why not try leggings as an alternative? This look is very sophisticated and elegant and it is totally appropriate for a special evening out.

I am also loving these high flat boots worn with leggings this fall. Totally sophisticated. 

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