September 26, 2010

A Not So Typical Way to Wear a Cardigan

Like lots of women you too may have many cardigans in your wardrobe. For years we have gravitated to the basic cardigan because of its simple charming qualities. It looks good worn with its mate as a twin set. It looks fabulous worn over a blouse with the collar popped and cuffs of the blouse turned up. It looks nice worn with your dressier skirts and trousers. And it looks great with your more casual jeans and chinos. But what if you tried something different like buttoning it all the way up and slipping it on over your head and wearing it backwards with the buttons going up the back? What a simple thing to do, yet totally cute and unexpected! Now think of what a v-neck cardigan could do for you if you turned it around and wore it backwards? Very sexy! 

Below is a photo off one of my favorite models, Lara Stone, in the September issue of Vogue. She is wearing a J Crew cardigan backwards. STUNNING!

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xxyy said...

I love the colour of the cardigan. xx