September 14, 2010

Ruffles ~ Don't Hate Them!

{Alexander McQueen silk ruffle blouse}

Ruffles are so pretty and feminine and they are absolutely EVERYWHERE! It's a long running trend that is still going strong. Some of you may be getting sick of seeing them. Others are embracing them. But whoever you are and whatever your style, I am going to tell you that like them or not, ruffles will make you feel pretty! And that is why you should give them a chance. Plus it is just so much fun to experiment. If ruffles are normally not your cup of tea, maybe you try a subtly ruffled blouse under your blazer. Or try a ruffled blouse with a pair of jeans. What you want to do is wear more tailored pieces with anything ruffled to balance your look. Don't go frilly from head to toe. That will equal disaster. I find that once ladies find out HOW to wear a ruffled blouse, they really love the look! 

These three ruffled blouses are from Talbots. You will see me sporting the one in the upper left in the video at the end of this post. Each of these blouses are gorgeous. If you are not typically a ruffle person the blouse on the model below may be just the one for you.


Notice how the model is wearing the ruffled blouse in the photo above. The tailored leather jacket and trouser jeans create the perfect look. Her accessories are kept clean and classic. 

These ruffled pieces are a little more daring. I adore the Wizard Wonder dress on the left from French Connection. It's the perfect not so typical cocktail dress. The blouse on the right is Twelve by Twelve from Forever 21 and is perfect for an evening out on the town!

{Boss Black ~ Verlin Ruffled Skirt}

And who says ruffles have to be worn on top only? Try a ruffled skirt! A skirt like this will create a more balanced look for the lady who is more curvy on top with a smaller lower body.

{Leighton Meester wearing L'Oreal's Infallible Plumping lip gloss in Plumping Red}

This is the L'oreal Infallible plumping lip gloss in plumped red that I am wearing and spoke about in the video. I have to say that this really didn't dry my lips out. And it says it lasts six hours on the tube. I would  say that is almost true! Unbelievable, I know. I drank my coffee and went to work at 9:00AM and I didn't have to apply it again until after lunch! 

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