September 10, 2010

Tonight Is FASHION'S NIGHT OUT! What Are You Buying?

Fashion's Night Out is happening right now as we speak in NYC. How exciting to be in the middle of all the fabulous designers and events!! And it's not only taking place in the "Big Apple." It is going on all over the globe from Boston to Brazil! Fashion's Night out was originally intended to help stimulate the fashion world. Anna Wintour, Editor and Chief of U.S. Vogue, is the mastermind of Fashion's Night Out. She meets and works with tons of  fabulous designers that deserve recognition and she knew that their success was not going to happen by sitting there simply hoping for the economy to come back and start spending. And so, we have the birth of Fashion's Night Out! Many stores and boutiques will be open super late for your shopping pleasure, not to mention a ton of fabulous parties going on all over the city. There was a fashion show in Lincoln Center earlier in the week supported by many designers in which all of the proceeds will go to an AIDS charity. CBS is supposed to air a behind the scenes  documentary on Sept. 14, so make sure you set your DVR! They say that Fashion's Night Out will soon be named a national holiday. I say YAY!!!!

{Fashion's Night Out in PARIS}
Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington dolls are up for auction. How much would you bid on these cuties?

P.S. Fashion week is September 9th-16th!

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