October 9, 2010


You might be having a flashback right now if you grew up in the 80's. Friendship bracelets were all the rage and the more you had going up your arm the cooler you were because it meant that you had a ton of friends! They were so fun to make. And sometimes it turned out so pretty you kept it for yourself! I had a total flashback while enjoying my latest November 2010 edition of Marie Claire when I came across some super cool friendship bracelets embellished with vintage beads and rhinestones. It seems that two real life best friends Stacy Herzog and Sarah Reid came up with this fabulous modern idea using vintage materials and a retro concept. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Check out their fabulous website here Frieda and Nellie. It was named after their glamorous grannies. I also have to mention that these bracelets will be perfect with the boho look which is a hot trend for spring 2011!
{P.S. They also make some awesome necklaces.}
{P.S.S. Frieda and Nellie have also collaborated with JCrew and are selling their friendship designs at their Soho and East Hampton stores. Congratulations girls!}

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