October 21, 2010

How I Choose My Shoes
There are so many beautiful shoes to choose from out there! And we know that our shoe choice really brings our overall look to life. If you are like me and you love the top designer creations, but can't afford them at $600 a pop or more, then you will appreciate this blog entry. Here I will show you a few comparison photos of shoes by top designers and some of those not so top designers. Remember, it is all in how you wear them. Wear them cheap and they will look cheap. Wear them expensive and they will look like the real deal. Trust me, unless you are working for Vogue or live in NYC people seldom ask what designer you are wearing. Here in Maine, no one will ask you. Which is really kind of sad when you actually are wearing designer:( 
{On the left is a style by Easy Spirit. On the right we have Salvatore Ferragamo. Notice the similar buckle detail. Both are a very classic style. No one will know that you didn't spend $490. Trust me. And how dare they ask?!}

Shoe Rule #1~ I keep in mind the major shoe trends that I see out there and try to pick something that resembles it.

{On the left we have a metallic slingback pump by Etienne Aigner $69. On the right we have a pair of metallic slingbacks by Jimmy Choo $695. Yes the Jimmy Choos are fabulous, but really, could you actually walk around for 8 hrs a day in these? I would be willing to try!}

Shoe rule #2~I usually need a semi comfortable shoe (I say semi because a truly comfy shoe doesn’t exist unless it is an Ugg boot or a Dansko clog. And that is not what I want to focus on right now. The focus right now is STYLISH.)

Shoe rule #3~ I also might check the lowest of low end like K Mart. They have some really cute shoes sometimes…and comfy! Some even come in wide widths. I still keep in mind what I saw in the major designers styles. I also keep in mind how I am going to wear them. How can I make these look like they are Jimmy Choos? 

Shoe rule #4~I mostly will opt for classic shoe style when shopping lower end brands. If you are really wanting a pair of hot pink pumps, I am afraid that Manolo or Louboutin are the way to go. Otherwise you will look cheap. There is just something about a hot pink pump from K Mart that screams tacky, but a hot pink pump from Saks screams classy:)

Shoe rule #5~ As I stated in rule #1, I see what is happening in the fashion world and then I check websites like Naturalizer, Easy Spirit, and Lifestride to see what they are producing. If I see something that might resemble a major designer I get really excited! The chances of finding that shoe is pretty good since everything from colors to styles sort of trickles down in the fashion world. (remember the cerulean sweater scene in The Devil Wears Prada? I posted it here just in case you have forgotten. And if you do remember it, just do me a favor and watch it again to refresh yourself.)

Shoe rule #6~ I would not recommend wearing a fake. I would much rather wear something from Payless than to wear a fake designer label. Designers work hard and deserve respect. There is nothing more disrespectful to a designer than to be wearing something with their name on it that isn't what they created.

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Anonymous said...

These are great! Rule #6 is so true! And applicable to handbags too. I loathe those knock off bag parties. I say save for one classic handbag that can be used more often.