October 23, 2010


I mean really.....who wouldn't be crying tears(tiers) of joy when witnessing this totally incredible long ruffle skirt from Talbots!

Skirts with tiers have always been a favorite of mine, and when I saw this gorgeous skirt (above) pictured on the cover of the latest Talbots catalog, I swear I almost passed out! For a second there I thought I was looking at a Saks Fifth Avenue catalog and it would be an item I could only dream about. Not so! It's Talbots, and at $199 and not $1,999, it just might be within my budget! Ok, so after I calmed down a bit I wondered how practical this item would be for me to have hanging in my closet? For a split second there I was a fool and thought that it wasn't something I needed. After that stupid thought left me, I knew it was a classic item that I would enjoy for years to come! This is a new era for us fashionistas. It is no longer a fashion don't to show up in a memorable piece more than once in your lifetime. That is something from the old skool. We are of a new generation. Come one, come all and embrace those memorable pieces for years to come!

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