October 8, 2010

Just One Is Never Enough!

It's no longer a question of what necklace are you going to wear. Instead, it is a question of what necklaces (plural, meaning more than one) and how many are you going to layer?? Such a simple concept yet such a complex look. And with all the fabulous necklaces styles out there it is impossible to choose just one. So, have fun! 
Nobody guessed that I was wearing three necklaces today. They just noticed how cool it looked!
{Necklaces from Charlotte Russe and Silpada} 

You can't go wrong with pearls and multiple chains.

A perfect layered necklace look. You never want it to look to perfect. Remember, messy is cool.

{from left to right: Mena Suvari, Naomi Watts, and Mary Kate Olsen all layering up on the jewels.}

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