October 5, 2010

Laura's Tips On Dressing For Interviews

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with some of the students at the Penobscot Job Corp Academy today. We talked about proper interview attire as well as some appropriate looks for going out after work. These young women and men really brightened my day!
{from left to right: Sashalee modeling a fabulous interview look from American Retro, Jaquia modeling an interview look from my closet (I was going to model it but she was so enthusiastic about modeling so I told her that if my clothes fit her then she could model in my place. And they fit!), and Destiny modeling a fun and appropriate "going out after work" look from Bella Luna. (I was also supposed to model this one, but she was my size as well and also very enthusiastic)}

Laura’s Tips on Dressing for Interviews

Keep your look SIMPLE, CLEAN, and CONSERVATIVE. For girls, well fitting pants or a pencil skirt to the knee is appropriate. A tailored jacket over a collared blouse will give you a nice look. A jacket isn’t always necessary. Clean and comfortable shoes with a little heel. Nothing too high. For guys, a nice pair of trousers and a shirt with a collar. A jacket and tie are nice but not necessary. Clean, well polished, comfortable shoes.

GIRLS wear your hair pulled away from your face in a very simple style. Go light on the accessories and NO HEAVY PERFUME. A simple manicure with a natural or clear color. You don’t have to have long nails. Just neat nails.

GUYS get your hair cut short  in such a way as to not be touching your forehead. Make sure you have a clean shaved face. NO HEAVY COLOGNE.

GUYS and GIRLS make sure any tattoos and piercing are COVERED.

*You want your interviewer to notice YOU and NOT what you are wearing!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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