October 15, 2010

Rain Rain, You Can Stay! (Really.....I don't mind:)

{hat by Helen Kaminski and is available at Saks Fifth Avenue}
Lets face it. Fashionistas like us do not like rainy days, unless........you have a super cute rain hat! I have to admit that I am a bit obsessed with always looking put together, so when mother nature throws me a curve ball I know I need to have another strategy. And these rain hats are so cute that mother nature probably doesn't even know what to do! The key to making the rain hat work for you, is to wear your hair straight maybe putting a little curl in the ends of your hair or pull it back in a sexy low pony tail. Don't worry about messing up your hair a little. You never want to look like you tried too hard with your hair anyway, even on the most beautiful sunny day. Just carry a wide tooth comb to fix things after you get indoors and take the hat off. The key to wearing a hat well is to not worry about the hair underneath it too much. I guarantee that it will look better than the hair on the lady that didn't wear a hat :))

 {hat by Juicy Couture and is available in black or au revoir (pink) at Neiman Marcus}
{hat by Hobbs and is available at ASOS}
Here is my rainy weather look that you will find me sporting on days like today. I remember when I was in kindergarten a smart ass eighth grade boy asked me if I liked the rain. I was so shy and hated it that this boy was talking to me so I just said "Yes" very quickly and quietly. He replied "Then why do you wear a rain hat?" I just shrugged my shoulders and walked faster away from him. If I knew what I know now I would have said "Because it's fashion. Ever heard of it?"

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Emily said...

I am so not a Juicy Couture type person, but I am so lusting these hats!! They are so much fun!!