October 1, 2010

Can A Bag Make You Feel Pretty?

{Top left Fendi, top right Chloe, bottom left Marc Jacobs, bottom right Dior}

Lady like handbags have finally made a come back! If you are still carrying one of those over sized satchels then I would say that it is time for a change. And isn't that what fashion is all about? Change? Yes! But more so, fashion is all about how you interpret change. How you mix it up and make it work for you. I love these smaller sized handbags and that oh so feminine feeling I get while carrying them. However, in order to keep my life in order, I still may need to carry a satchel or tote to work with the smaller bag inside. This is especially true during the winter months when I have to carry extra shoes, hats, and gloves. But leave the big bag in the office on your lunch break when you are running errands or after work when you have to pick up milk (and a bottle of wine) at the grocery store and just carry the shoulder bag. You will feel so chic and pretty I guarantee! Who knew that a bag could actually make you feel pretty?! (I've always known;)

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