November 1, 2010

Anything But Basic.....The White Blouse is a Wardrobe MUST!

{Audrey Hepburn wearing a basic white blouse with some cropped trousers. Simply gorgeous!}

No one should underestimate the power of a great white blouse. You may think that a white blouse equals basic and boring. There are so many other choices out there in the fashion world. Why would you choose a basic white blouse? Well as basic as it is, every woman should have one. Not one with bells and whistles, although that can be fun too, but one with a simple basic style. You know, a long sleeve white blouse that buttons up the front. The key to finding a great white blouse is getting the right fit. You want a feminine style. One that is slightly fitted to show off your curves.

{Linda Evangalista wearing "The Great White Blouse" from Talbots.}

{Look how great it looks under a cardigan styled with the sleeves rolled up a bit.}

{Worn with a pair of jeans the white blouse is a perfect piece to reach for on a Monday. It's a no brainer! But it will look simply marvelous!}

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