November 5, 2010

Good Manners Never Go Out Of Style

{Kate Spade}
It seems that in this day and age we have begun to lose respect for each other.  Before you start getting upset and saying "Not me!" just hear me out.  I  know that there still are a precious few out there who practice good old fashioned manners. But as much as I hate to say it, this is a very different time for us. We are all in a hurry,  trying to get to where we need to go, trying to take care of our families, etc. The bottom line is that we are all in this together. We must not get so self involved that we forget that we are not the only ones on this planet! Kate Spade {designer extraordinaire} has written a series of books. My favorite happens to be this one on manners. I happened to be so lucky as to run across my copy at TJ Maxx. In this book she touches on anything from tipping for a haircut, to who walks through a revolving door first, the man or the woman? And what if you can't see over someone's head at the movies? And another instance that happens to me quite often is my name gets mispronounced. I am always Laurie or Lauren, but no one seems call me by my real name, LAURA. When, or is it polite to let someone know that they have mispronounced my name?? This book includes answers to those questions and many more! You can get your copy of MANNERS by kate spade here:)

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