November 20, 2010

Mixing Patterns And Getting It Right Can Be A Challenge

Mixing up your patterns and textures looks very interesting, but sometimes can be a challenge when you are deciding how to wear them. The last thing you want to look like is a clown, which unfortunately happens waaay to often. Sometimes when I am out there in the world I may observe what a lady is wearing and wonder, "Was she trying to mix her patterns and textures or is this a mistake? Or was she even trying to make a statement?" This is what you don't want people to be thinking when they look at you. What you want people to think is, "Wow, that is different, but it looks great!" Here are a few tips on how to mix it up without looking like you escaped from the funny farm:

1~ Keep within the same color palate. And if you are going to introduce another color then through something else in with a pattern with that color in it (See the above photo of the look with the blue polka dot skirt and paisley blouse that I created using Polyvore. I introduced an orangey red with the striped clutch, but also added the orange hoop earrings. I used a neutral for shoes and also incorporated the neutral in clutch as well.)

2~ Use accessories with a pattern. This alone will shake it up a bit without going crazy.

3~ Mix stripes and florals. Think about home decorating and how we may have a floral sofa or curtains and we use striped pillows or chairs within the same color family.

4~ Leopard prints can be used as a neutral and this print is ALWAYS a classic but happens to be so HOT this fall.

5~ Keep your patterns and prints within the same size scale.

6~ You MUST be CONFIDENT to pull off this look. Only wear what makes you feel good. (The photo below is me mixing it up a little bit. I mixed patterns AND textures as you can see :)

Notice the GORGEOUS mixing of patterns in this room. {This is not my house. I WISH!!}

Olivia Palermo (who has MY job at Elle magazine....just kidding ;) has fabulous style. She is known for mixing it up and getting it right every time! But, I think this girl would look great wearing a garbage bag. She also makes me want to not eat for a week!!! But we all know that's not going to happen.
{Olivia Palermo} 
This is Whitney Port mixing it up with lace and polka dots. You may know her from The Hills, but she actually knows the meaning of WORK (unlike many of the other youngsters on that show) so she got promoted to The City. LOVE her and LOVE her style. She actually has her own clothing line now! We are sooo proud of you Whitney!
A peeerrrrrfect mix! I would totally wear this!


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