November 12, 2010

Tuxedo Style Dressing ~ It's Not Just For Him

When we think of a tuxedo we typically think of menswear. It was Yves St. Laurent who made tuxedo style dressing a classic look for ladies as well. I happen to adore this look for it's total chicness. But it is important that ladies know how to wear this most elegant look. Since this look leans towards the masculine side you must make sure that your hair and makeup are ultra feminine for balance so that you can look as sexy as possible. 
Remember how sexy Jennifer Beals looked wearing a tux in the movie Flashdance? (see photos below) You don't get any sexier than that!

These great tuxedo style pants are from Gap! Really elegant and within my budget at $69.50!
LOVE this tuxedo style look in red that Heidi Klum wore for the Project Runway fashion show finale! A little bit non traditional. Sooooo pretty and unexpected.
Here is another non traditional tuxedo style look from Zara. I adore the cropped pants and the fact that she's not dressed all in black.

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