December 29, 2010

Winter Woes Are Not So Bad {if you have the right accessories}

Here I am wearing my new jeweled hat from Talbots. I love it! It's so cozy and warm. I even wear it in the house! And I don't even have to worry about my hair. 
The make up I am wearing is an array of a few brands. My friend Carrie gave me this gorgeous cool tones eye shadow palette from Aerie for Christmas. It is really pretty and it has a lot of sparkle. Now I can sparkle just like the snowflakes! My blush is Christian Dior Pro Blush in hip peach. I had to have this when I saw that Charlize Theron was wearing this on the red carpet. You just apply it with a soft touch of your fingers. My eyeliner is by Revlon in a shade called brushed pewter, and my mascara is Grow Luscious by Revlon as well.
{see a close up of my eye below}

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