December 31, 2010

My Top 5 New Years Resolutions

1. To be more adventurous in fashion and in the world.

OK, so I might not ever be as adventurous as Lady Ga Ga, but thats just not me. Most importantly I must stay true to myself, which can go both ways in the sense of being adventurous. Meaning that if I want to try something new I must do it and not hold back because someone might think I am "different." We are all "different" and that is what is special about us. What is most important is that within all of my trying new things I must stay true to myself and just be a good person.
2. To take more photos of my fashion craziness.

This is something I need to get better at. I typically take my own fashion photos so it is sometimes difficult to be alone in my house. I need to make my husband take them I guess. He sometimes isn't the best photographer.....His poor photography can't possibly be the fault of the person he is photographing....right???
ha ha ;)

3. To make more fashion videos and not feel like they have to be long.
Sometimes I feel like longer is better, when actually people don't mind a little fashion tip here and there even though it's only like 2 minutes long. Here are some of my fashion vids from the past. Sorry, they are less than professional.....but it's just me:)

Here is the link to that blog post:

Here is the link to that blog post so that you can see the out come:

Here is the link to that blog post:

4. To not care so much what other people think of me while making sure to treat others with respect despite their opinion.
This is a feature about myself that I hate! I feel like it holds me back. I must not care so much! This one will be difficult.

5. To READ more.
And not just fashion magazines. I mean BOOKS.

Happy New Year!
What are YOU wearing?
Here is what I wore:

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