January 31, 2011

Be A MODERN Mom.....Not A "Moldy" Mom

Okay, so this may not be what you look like holding your baby. It might be a little difficult for a stay at home mom to even fathom wearing 4 inch heels around the house while she runs after the kids, cooks, cleans and tackles the many varieties of duties that a stay at home mom does. Trust me, a stay at home mom IS a job......and it's not an easy one. You are so busy caring for everyone and everything else that sometimes you forget about you. Let's face it, you most always leave yourself for last. But what you might not know is that the way you take care of your family and your home may be affected by the way you take care of yourself. It is a proven fact that we all feel better when we look better, hence the reason why I beauty up every day, even if I am working at home. I am more productive and less lazy. And my mood is uplifted by knowing that if someone did stop by I wouldn't have a problem with it.

Below are some of my tips for practical moms to look fashionable:
 Contrary to popular belief, short hair isn't always easier. Short hair is adorable, but if you don't like the maintenance of getting it trimmed up every four weeks, then DON'T cut it. And another thing, short hair isn't always wash and go. You have to use product in almost any hair style to make it look right. Long hair can be high maintenance too, but I have sported both styles and I feel like long hair is more versatile and looks fabulous in one of my favorite hairstyles, the pony tail. It looks neat and chic. Key things to remember when it comes to hair: No matter what style you choose you still have to "do" it meaning style it some how. Your hair is key when achieving your over all look weather you are a stay at home mom or not.
You could always pop in an adorable headband if you are really short on time.
This headband from Laura's Style Boutique will do the trick!

Now lets talk about make-up. You need it!!! Even if it is just a little foundation to even out your skin tone. A little blush, mascara, and lip gloss can work wonders too! And I am talking about YOU here. Not anyone else. Do it for YOU! You will feel so pretty and good about yourself. It only takes five minutes to apply these few beauty products to your face. You are worth five minutes. You know you are.
{Talbots ankle jeans in the photo on the left and straight leg jeans in the photo on the right are the most versatile styles in denim right now for stay at home moms}
 Okay, now we will talk about the attire that involves being a MODERN mom. Now I know better than anyone (or at least as well as anyone) how comfy one feels in yoga pants, my Juicy Couture velour track suit, and my robe. But these are articles of clothing that only should be sported after the clock strikes 5:00pm. Luxurious lounge wear should be treated like Christmas. We all know that if we had Christmas every day, we would take it for granted. It's the same for your sweats. You don't want to take those for granted! After your day is done allow yourself to slip into them. Living in them, is a fashion DON'T and you will feel like a slacker.......then you may become a slacker. It's kind of like "you are what you eat." But in fashion, you are what you wear. I LOVE the fact that denim is HOT right now. They are comfy, but depending on what you put with them you can elevate them as much or as little as you want. I LOVE Talbots denim right now. They have a style and a fit for everyone. I feel that the ankle style {photo above on the left} and the straight leg style {photo above on the right} are the most versatile jeans styles for stay at home moms. They allow you to wear an adorable, boot, ballet flat, or sandal during the day, and change it up to a classy heel in the evening to glam up your look when meeting your honey for dinner! (after you get the sitter of course) A little red lipstick and your ready to go! It's really that simple. I am not kidding.

Below you will find some fabulous yet practical looks for stay at home moms that I created using Polyvore.
Can you say cute and comfy?! I love this look. 
Just add a scarf to jeans and a t-shirt. It's a no brainah!!!!

Chinos are a nice alternative to jeans. They look fabulous with a denim blouse and they are casual enough to be comfortable, yet you look put together. The leopard flats put some style in your step. The plaid blazer gives this look some polish when you have to dart out to the market. The microfiber tote is practical and spacious enough to be used as a diaper bag.
See how simple it can be?! Jeans, a white blouse, and add the red flats to make it more interesting. A camel blazer should already be in your wardrobe. It is considered a necessity. Bold CZ earrings are better than hoop earrings for moms since we know how grabby baby can be. Toss your hair into a low pony and you are good to go! 
Always make sure you carry a cute tote bag. It will also double as a diaper bag. Some ladies may think that no one is looking at the bag you are carrying......but I know different.


Artfully Awear said...

I love your ideas! I'm not a mom, but I do work from home a lot, and I agree that I am much more productive if I actually "get ready" to stay at home. Great tips!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the looks you have put together. They are perfect for moms and so stylish. Cute flats and skinny jeans are key! Thank you for the inspiration!