January 21, 2011

Lovely Lips for Spring 2011!

When choosing your lip color, what makes your decision on what shade you actually put on? For many ladies it's about what they are wearing. They try to match to their clothes, and I am here to tell you that matching your lips to your shirt is a little bit dated. In fact, when was this actually the trend??? If you know this information please share. Who ever came up with it probably HATES women. Anyway, when choosing your shade you do want to create a nice contrast that compliments your clothes, but most importantly, you want to compliment your skin tone. And if you are wearing clothes that make the best you shine through, then you should choose a lip color that will do the same. Personally I LOVE the lips of now. Below you will find some of the best lip colors from Fendi and Diane von Furstenberg that were worn on this spring's 2011 runways. Notice how gorgeous the bright lips compliment the new spring neutrals. Such a fresh new look. I love make-up because it allows us to update our looks without having to freeze to death wearing the new spring fashions. (I say this as we are experiencing a Nor'easter outside.....again.)

Looks from FENDI spring 2011 
{Notice how the rest of the face is wearing very minimal make up. Pick one feature and play it up! In this case it is obviously the LIPS}

Looks from Diane von Furstenberg spring 2011

Okay, so the bright lips aren't right for you and you are still confused on what color to choose??? Here is my advice. Experiment!!! Don't spend a lot of money. Maybelline and Cover Girl have some great inexpensive colors that you can play with without breaking the bank. It can be confusing. But, if you look at a color wheel then it might help you figure out what colors are complimentary. See the wheel below:
So if you are wearing blue because it is a color that looks nice on you, then you would choose the color opposite of blue on the color wheel to compliment it such as a warm coral shade. And it doesn't have to be a bright coral. It can be something very soft in color that works for your complexion and the type of setting you will be in that day. (ie. work, dinner date, etc.) Or just choose a neutral shade if you are wearing a bright color. But first of all find out what colors you like to wear that make you feel your best. Save the lips for last!

{Neutral lips at Derek Lam spring 2011. Notice how the eyes are played up instead. Beautiful!}

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Anonymous said...

I want the pants that the Fendi model is wearing..oh, and the make up is nice, too.also, happy to see higher waisted jeans (I have a longer torso with shorter legs)...any place local carrying them yet?
mary ann