January 22, 2011

"Matchy Matchy" GET OVER IT!

One thing that drives me nuts is when ladies feel like they have to match from head to toe. This is a very dated look and will actually make you look OLD. Never a good thing. 
YIKES! As beautiful as Victoria Beckham is, even she can't get away with making the "matchy matchy" look good. She looks very Eastery and very PINK
Look at how much more beautiful she looks in this photo. So soft and feminine. Yes she is wearing black, but the gold shoes make this look POP and add a huge amount of interest. Not to mention how much prettier she looks with her soft flowing waves vs. the sharp inverted bob she used to sport. Her more natural hair color also warms up her skin tone. She looks her age in this photo. In the photo above she looks like she is trying to stay young. We all want to look good. But sometimes ladies confuse looking good with looking young. It just doesn't work. And the "matchy, matchy" thing......that just says "I am OLD."
This look from Talbots 2011 Spring Look Book is a perfect example of how to look put together without looking "matchy, matchy." Notice the poppy red handbag and pumps she is wearing are not the same color as the flowers in her skirt, but they are the same color tone. And you are probably asking if your shoes and handbag must match like the model in the photo. The answer to that question is no. She would look just as chic carrying a neutral bag like the Keaton cross body bag pictured below by Anya Hindmarch

Here is another fabulous look from Talbots. If you are having trouble with figuring out what looks good together, I have found that Talbots has one of the best catalogs when it comes to mixing it up without looking like you've tried too hard. I use their catalogs every month to help inspire me. In fact I have been known to cut them up and tape my favorite looks on my closet door!
See photo below:
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