January 24, 2011

These Boots Were Make For Walking Through A Foot Of Snow!

Hunter makes the most fashionable practical boots for the harsh weather we have been having this winter. You will rarely see the words fashionable and practical used together in the same sentence because, well, they just don't work. But I feel that Hunter has done a great job at trying to make these boots work. They wouldn't even look half bad if you happen to forget your change of shoes. These boots by Hunter are not the warmest things so you wouldn't want to shovel your driveway in these, but they do have a great quick dry mesh lining and they are waterproof. They would be really perfect for the wet slushy weather that we will hopefully  be getting soon when all this crazy snow melts!

These are also quite stunning for a weatherproof boot. Also by Hunter.

 These are the more traditional Hunter wellies that we are more familiar with. They make a fabulous fleece lining that will fit into any of your hunter welly boots. These will make your boots a lot warmer when the weather is below zero. 
(like today for example. -23 below zero with the wind chill???!!!!! Give me a break! This is nuts.)

Timberland did a great job at making these practical boots look a little bit pretty. Find these efficient boots at Zappos.

I love these Melanie wellies by Cole Haan. Again.....not warm. Make sure you buy them a half size bigger so you can through on some fleece socks underneath if you plan on wearing them in these fridged temps. I found these at Neiman Marcus.

And last but certainly not least, I could never get through the winter without my Uggs. Some say they are Ugg-ly. I say try a pair on and you may think different. They are probably the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. They are also the warmest things I have ever put on. I hate to take them off! Just one tip: If you purchase a pair of Uggs, make sure you treat them and never wear them out in actual wet snow. You will ruin the soft sheepskin and the salt that they put on the roads and sidewalks will leave marks that will be nearly impossible to get off. Uggs like to be worn when the weather is cold and dry.
This is the Ugg Sheepskin care kit you will want to purchase when you buy a pair of Uggs. Treat them as soon as you get them and don't put it off. Find this kit at Nordstrom.

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