January 10, 2011

{VOGUE January 2011}
WOW. I just had to share with you how much I am in awe of the work from designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. It can't be easy given the pressure she must have felt while creating her first collection for McQueen after his sad and surprising death. I say that, but yet as a designer I have a feeling that she kept close to his soul as well as her own while designing this collection. I really don't know how she managed to keep in tune with McQueen's breathtaking depictions of fashion to carry on his legacy while still keeping true to herself. She was more than his assistant. She was and is part of him. And it shows in her Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Watch the show below and get ready to weep.
It's like the butterflies are coming straight from her heart. 

{36 year old Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen}

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