February 12, 2011

Experiment With COLOR Week Wrap Up

I used these "Aruba" earrings from Laura's Style Boutique to bring these two shades of aqua and orange together.
As experiment with COLOR week comes to an end, I promise that I will continue on my kaleidoscopic journey until the end of time. I guess my point to you, my fellow fashionista followers, was to get you thinking about how you too can experiment with color. Don't always feel like you have to wear colors match or are of the same color family. Put yourself out there a little bit and don't be afraid. I think that most women who prefer to stay in their box are afraid to look like a scatter brain when mixing their looks up. It can be confusing. The key to not looking like a mess is to try to bring the two colors together somehow. Like with an accessory such as a scarf, jewelry or even nail polish can sometimes do the trick.
velvet jacket ~ Casual Corner
top ~ Talbots
skinny ankle jeans ~ Talbots
brown leather boots ~ Talbots
bracelet ~ thrift store find 

I used these "Princess Aurora" earrings from Laura's Style Boutique help to bring these colors from this look (below) together, along with the scarf.
In this look I brought together navy blue (jacket), cherry brandy (top), and green (earrings & scarf) together and mixed it up a bit with a taupe tweed wool pant. 
jacket ~ Juicy Couture
top ~ Talbots
pants ~ Banana Republic
scarf ~ Talbots
earrings ~ Laura's Style Boutique

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