February 28, 2011

Flowers Make Me HAPPY!

Last week I noticed that my geranium was beginning to bloom in my sunny dining room window. A sudden burst of happiness came over me!What is it about flowers that make us feel so good? I think it has something to do with the gorgeous colors they are born with, don't you? 
I know most people think it is a bit too soon to begin wearing flower prints. But why? I say wear flowers in the middle of winter if it makes you feel good! I did wear black tights with this floral skirt, but believe it or not, my first thought was NOT to make this look seem a little more winter like. I just liked the contrast of the black tights with the brights!
All of my recent dreams of flowers led me to design these "Fleur Rouge" earrings from Laura's Style Boutique. They are the first design from my "Fleur" collection for spring 2011.
I will soon begin to carry this floral tote from Talbots. What is stopping me from carrying it right now, you ask? Well, it really isn't big enough to carry all of my winter gear which is still pretty necessary right now in the northeast. 
I designed  these earrings for my friend Carrie. I actually took apart and old pair that she didn't like and redesigned them for her :)
 These beautiful bracelets are by Bobbi Originals. I wear these no matter what season we are in. They make me feel pretty!

 These are my flower rings that I love, wear, and adore. 
{bottom left: Silpada}
{middle: Avon}
{upper right: Talbots}

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Unknown said...

I love your floral skirt and the earrings you made for your friend Carrie are gorgeous!
- Marie