February 6, 2011

Laura's Style Presents.....EXPERIMENT WITH COLOR WEEK!

 This week I will be experimenting with many colors, textures, and fabrics as I have already chosen my wardrobe for the week! I just pulled out and planned a look for each of the seven days! (This is something I normally don't do. I usually just grab, iron, and go. Sometimes a look gets planned the night before, but that is usually the extent of the wardrobe planning) But this week will be different. I have been inspired by my last blog entry titled Isn't It Amazing How Colors Can Make You Feel? I decided to begin my week by painting my nails this gorgeous color by Sally Hansen called Sonic Bloom. What do you think? Nice color ehhh! Please feel free to post your experiments with color this week on my Laura's Style Facebook Page. I would love to hear about them as well as any photos you would like to share!

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