February 14, 2011

My Valentine Hair

I have to admit that it wasn't only Valentines Day that inspired my hair style today. (But it was valentines day that inspired me to wear this "Audrey" sweater in this pretty cranberry shade from Talbots ;) In my spare time this morning (ha ha) or I should say in between getting my 14 year old son out of bed, getting him his breakfast, bringing him to school, and getting myself ready for the day, I watched the spring/summer 3.1 Phillip Lim fashion show on my laptop. I love so many of these looks. But it's not only the clothing, it's the feeling that the designs, the music, the make up, and hair give off when you put them all together to make what I call MAGIC! Below is a model up close from the Phillip Lim 2011 spring fashion show. I now see that he hair is twisted on the side. I braided mine. And then pinned it back into a chignon.

When I watched this video for the first time it was hard to see the models hair. I did my best interpretation. It's not exactly like the models. I think I need to practice making it a bit more messy or natural looking. But isn't this show amazing?! I also adore the music which is a cover of the Eurythmics song "Who's That Girl" by She is Danger. It sounds as light and airy as all of the looks, yet it has a modern sound which really make these designs transpire into something NEW and FRESH! (as if the designs themselves were not enough!)


Unknown said...

I love how you did your hair. It's so pretty!
- Marie

Alex said...

Awwww thank u Marie! I am ADORING your blog!

<3 Laura