February 15, 2011

Two Tremendous Treasures!

Before you view this post there are a couple of things you should know about me. Lately I have been trying to watch the old pocket book, so I have been shopping a lot less and trying to be creative with those pieces that I already have hanging in my closet. I am also on a buy USA only kick, which helps me save $$ since there is not much being actually made in this country. I am a huge supporter of sites like Etsy that let designers sell their gorgeous hand made creations as well as some sweet vintage finds on one website. However, I am also a true believer in purchasing high end designer labels which are lots of times made overseas, but made in Europe is much different than mass produced and made in China. I am just simply trying to support the designers and the artists of the fashion industry. We love designers for the beautiful pieces they have created. NOT just to say we are wearing designer. (at least I do, and I hope you do too;) I feel strongly about owning quality not quantity. And I would never purchase a fake designer piece. If I can't afford the real thing, then I don't want it.
Which now brings me to the point of this blog post! I found this really fabulous camel blazer last week at Goodwill and I just picked it up at the dry cleaners this afternoon! I was so excited to stumble upon this fabulous find! I had been wanting a camel blazer all winter, but the cost of heating oil has been kind of controlling me and I never found one I could afford that stood up to my high standards. This one is from Talbots, it was $2.50, and it was MADE IN THE USA! I almost died when I tried it on and it actually fit me like a glove! It is a petite, so the arms are a bit short, but so what?! I would have rolled them up anyway and made them into a 3/4 sleeve. It is a longer style and has that "boyfriend blazer" look that I am so very fond of, yet it is very fitted and super adorable!
Notice that it is MADE IN THE USA?! This is extremely rare!
Another one of my favorite features on this blazer are the buttons which are metal with a shield on them. Very rich looking. I also happened to noticed how nicely the button holes have been sewn. Picky......yes I am.

These photos show a model wearing a Talbots blazer from NOW in their latest catalog. I ADORE these looks. Now I can copy cat them ;) 

Here is the other fabulous find that I found at Goodwill for $2.50! It's yet another blazer from Talbots. I would say that these blazers were made in the 1980's, and are in perfect condition. Whoever owned them took very good care of them and probably loved fashion as much as myself. This tweed blazer was also MADE IN THE USA and fit me perfectly. This one fits like a "shrunken" blazer which is an adorable look as well and is the complete opposite of the "boyfriend" blazer.
Cute side pockets :)
This is another look from the latest Talbots catalog that I can copy cat. And next on my list, a pair of red pumps like this model is wearing! 


Artfully Awear said...

Great finds! Good luck with your saving spree, that is something I struggle with :)

Dark Blue Jeans said...

the first blazer is so chloe and the second so chanel

Alex said...

Ariel, I think saving is always a struggle to those who are obsessed with FASHION! <3

Dark Blue Jeans.....u are so right!