March 25, 2011

Animal Print Is HOT for SPRING!

I don't know about you, but I usually relate animal print to a pattern that I mostly wear in the fall and winter for some reason. I think that it is because of it's colors of rich browns and golds like in the skirt I am wearing from Talbots in the photo above. Normally in the fall and winter I might pair this with a brown turtleneck, brown tights and brown boots. But since spring has officially arrived, (and you could have fooled me on that one!) I decided to pair it with a cute denim blouse from Newport News and a metallic belt. I also wanted a little bit of color so I threw some red into the mix. Kind of a burgundy scarlet like red. I also would not hesitate to pair this skirt with a nicely fitted white blouse worn under a cute fitted denim blazer. 
Animal prints in accessories are also on trend at the moment and I especially love this very cool utility style cross body bag created by Gwen Stefani for L.A.M.B. (photo on the left is of the chic and divine Gwen Stefani herself)

GORGEOUS! These two looks from Dolce & Gabbana really put me over the edge! Look how antiquishly elegant and modern! (I think I just made up the word antiquishly. It means antique/vintage like ;)
This animal print cotton twill coat by Tibi is another one of my most favorite things. You can find this beauty on NET-A-PORTER.COM

Louis Vuitton Spring ready-to-wear line was my true inspiration for this blog post as well as for my personal look at the top of this page. You must view this fashion show to get the full effect. (see below)

What a circus! I love everything about this collection. The colors, the shiny fabrics, the shimmery tinsel, the Spainish and oriental influence. But you must watch it through to the end or you will miss my favorite panda bear look in motion! (see the photo below)


K A T H L E E N said...

fab skirt!!

Ana Gallo said...

loved the video! Those Dolce and Gabbana dresses are gorgeous! Funny picture of you! :)