March 29, 2011

Black and Gold = Timeless and Elegant.

When I think of putting black and gold together I automatically  think of designer Yves Saint Laurent. Such a glamorous look that he was well known for. I was inspired by this page (see below) in my March edition of Harper's Bazaar. As I was examining the page I actually felt the glamour poring out! The models look so gorgeous and the accessories are so elegant! I just had to try this black and gold look!

I thought this look was very Yves Saint Laurent. Sort of a feminine take on a menswear look, which to me, can be even more sexy than Beyonce wearing a mini dress ;)

Here is a little closer look at the gold necklace that I chose to complete this look. I also chose gold sparkle earrings and a couple of gold bracelets. I did my eye make up and blush in shimmery copper shades.
{A gorgeous model wearing a palette of black and gold.}

This is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent suit that I cam across on the web. I thought it  was similar to my blouse! Very chic!

WOW. What a glamorous blouse from Arden B. It's been marked down to $49.99 and is final sale, but who would be crazy enough to want to return this baby?! The watch on the right is by Phillip Stein and I have three words. I WANT IT!
{Yves Saint Laurent black and gold platforms}

Below are some more gorgeous black and gold looks from Yves Saint Laurent. Enjoy!

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