March 13, 2011

Denim Jacket Days Are Here!!..........almost...

Okay, so you might not be ready to wear your bikini top under your denim jacket just yet, but the day will come!!.......if you wear a bikini that is. I am just super excited that we are experiencing weather with temps in the 40's here in the northeast. So, dig out that denim jacket! So what if you have to layer a blouse under a sweater in order to wear it. Layers are good! Especially at this time of year :)

Here are some of my favorite denim jacket styles:
This vintage denim jacket from Free People brings back memories of my first denim jacket I ever owned. I was in the 8th grade and my mom took me shopping at the mall. If you live in my town you might remember a shop in the Bangor Mall called Brooks back in the 80's. It was one of my favorite stores and I used to dream of working in a place like that. Those girls behind the counter were soooo pretty and they always looked super chic. Anyway, this is an exact replica of the one that my mom bought me at that shop! 
This denim jacket by Moschino is the mother of all denim jackets. There is only one word that comes to my mind. FABULOUS. It is more of a blazer style which makes it more refined. I would wear this with a pair of white or black slim leg ankle pants. 
Just look at the GORGEOUS BUTTONS!
I am always a sucker for a cute little cropped denim jacket like this one with a little western flair from Topshop. They look so awesome worn over all of my longer drapey style tops. I also have to say that a cropped jacket can look super cool on some pregnant ladies because you can wear all of your baby-doll style tops underneath and look super chic and feel comfy at the same time!

This little jacket by Vero Moda totally caught my eye. The asymmetrical zipper detailing and the leather patches make this denim jacket totally unique.

See the photos below to see how I styled my own denim jackets.....these are not the only three that I own. I just didn't want to bore you too much!

You can't have too many denim jackets!

This denim blazer style jacket is from Gap.
This is one of my favorties from Talbots. I love the fringe.
This cropped denim jacket is also from Talbots. 

Which style do you love? Which styles do you own?

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