March 16, 2011

Going BUGGY!

This white gold grasshopper ring with rubelite, emeralds, garnets, diamonds, and tsavorites by Chopard is to die for!!! Plus grasshoppers are good, right?!

If you know me, then you know how I feel about bugs. If you don't know me then I will just tell you know that bugs FREAK ME OUT! However, I will make an exception if the specimen's name is Chopard, Lanvin, Milly, Betsy Johnson, or Carolina Herrera. See below to peek at the rest of the styles that have made even I, go BUGGY! 

I can totally tolerate a butterfly or two. Just as long as it is got a lot of sparkle like this plexiglas necklace with crystal butterfly by Lanvin.

 Okay, this dress on the left by Milly is a stretch for me. I am not one to even want to dream about bugs crawling all over my body. But this dress is just so adorable!!! And the earrings by Betsy Johnson on the right are a total must. I love the way that they are not meant to match. So quirky and cute!

Now this is a LAURA look. I can totally see myself wearing this gorgeous garden party ensemble from Carolina Herrera. Now I am really in the mood for SPRING!

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