March 8, 2011

What A BRAT!!

I happened to be on Twitter a few days ago checking out and thanking all of my most recent followers when I ran across fashion and accessory designer Keren Brat who had actually sent me a personal e mail. "I absolutely love your sense of fashion and styling as well as your creative writing!" These are the kind words I read in her message. Now this is a lady who has class ;) It's not every day that a fashion designer personally e mails you. Or me anyway. She happens to be from London. I have to admit that I had never heard of Keren Brat, but then again there are so many talented designers out there that it would be impossible to keep track of them all. But believe me, after seeing photographs of her latest fall/winter 2011 collection, I will never forget her. Ms. Brat's designs are soooo ultra modern, yet feminine at the same time, which happens to be sooooo me. I think they represent every woman. 
Strong and delicate.
 Courageous and graceful. 
Fierce, yet fragile.
See for yourself:


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous... how great to get a twitter email from her. Twitter is such a great tool. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design.. I am now following you! xo

Alex said...

Thank u Debby:) I am following your fabulous blog as well!