April 4, 2011

Funny Fanny!

Right now I am on a kick to watch all the classic movies that I should have seen by this time in my life, but haven't yet. And Funny Girl starring the one and only Barbara Streisand was the fist one on my list! I think we all can relate to Fanny Brice in Funny Girl. If you have seen this movie then I know you know what I mean.(and if you have not seen it then I highly suggest you do so that you understand.) Why do we feel like we are not "beautiful?" I put the word "beautiful" in quotes because we all have a different opinion about what is "beautiful". To me Fanny is the ultimate beauty. She is real in the sense that she lets all of her vulnerabilities hang out. She has a dream that she fully achieves because it's all she wants! Fanny is not a conventional beauty. She is different and knows it and uses that feature to make it big in show business!  Yet she never looses herself in the fame. She stays true to herself, which is very honorable and that makes you love her that much more! But just when she thinks she has it all, (while keeping her head on straight the whole time;) she realizes that nothing matters if you loose the man that you love. Why does love have to have such a strong hold on us? And why can't every aspect of our lives be perfect? It seems like when something starts to go right, then something else goes wrong. I think that is "Someone's" way of keeping us on our toes. It's all part of what life is. All we can do is embrace it.
What a fabulous movie!
What a fabulous voice!

OKAY, now back to the fashion.......

The Harper's Bazaar stylists did a great job trying to make Jennifer Aniston (on the right, in case you couldn't tell) look like Barbara Streisand (on the left), however Jen's nose is just waaaaaay to perfect and button like to even compare to Barbara's unique and distinguished schnoz. Isn't this hair cut the most adorable thing you have ever seen! Makes me want to chop mine right off!

Okay, I am digging out my newsboy cap as we speak!!! LOVE this look. Absolutely gorgeous! My next day off I am going to sport the newsboy cap all day and create some soft waves in my hair. It might not be quite warm enough for the tank top though. Maybe a simple long sleeve black tee. Yeah.....that's it!
I'm sorry Barbara. No matter what you do you will never blend in!!! You are a rare one. And we adore you for it!!
Vogue magazine cover March 1966.

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