April 15, 2011

Grace. It's Not Just Her Name. It's How She's Goes Through Life!

How did her parents know that Grace was the perfect name for her? Grace Coddington is one of the people I most admire in life. In case you didn't know, she is the creative director of American Vogue. And you may not know who she is if you aren't a fashion crazed freak such as myself. She has always done things quietly in life. Although her modeling spoke LOUDLY and her photography SCREAMS! She lets her work do the talking and lets others notice as they please. Grace has done only the most impressive work for the fashion industry. Making models and designers look unreal in the most amazing way. Fashion is a fantasy and lets us be whoever we want. Which is why I am in love with it. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the fabulous Grace Coddington who celebrated her 70th yesterday April 14th.
Click here to view one of Grace's most amazing photo shoots showing her interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.

Click here to view the fabulous photos that were taken at Grace's birthday party. As I look at them I wonder what it must be like to be adored that much! All I can say is that it must be a wonderful yet unreal feeling :)

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