April 30, 2011

Make Your Seamstress Your Best Friend!

{This is me posing on the platform at the seamstress. My fabulous client deserves the credit for the photography.}

blouse: Talbots
skinny jeans: Gap
boots:  Lauren
earrings: Silpada
bracelet: Bobbi Original
As you may, or may not already know I am a wardrobe stylist. I help ladies like you with finding their own unique look and it is the most rewarding job ever! I love it when a client discovers herself. It is so rewarding when a lady realizes that she doesn't have to be 5'10" and 115 lbs  to look good in her clothes!!!! She just has to buy clothes that fit her body type and realize that ACCESSORIES ARE WHERE IT'S AT! If you have any further questions about what I can help you with please e mail me at laurasstyle@hotmail.com. 

Last week I helped one of my fabulous clients with finding what fits and flatters her figure from her existing wardrobe. We got rid of A LOT of stuff. Now she can breathe again! She did however have some GORGEOUS pieces in her wardrobe that were just waaaayyyy too big and boxy for her. (I think this was due to a salesperson who really wanted to make her sales goal.) Granted my client has lost weight, but even at her heaviest some of the gorgeous pieces of clothing were just the wrong cut for her. I didn't want her to ditch them. I wanted her to fix them! So I introduced her to her seamstress. Her new best friend :-)
This is the bucket of clothes that we brought. (This is just round 1. Round 2 will happen after she picks these up.) She brought jeans, pants, blazers, and even a couple of gorgeous leather jackets that I couldn't bare to let her give away! 
 We used A LOT of pins to get an idea of how to take in her clothes!
{Here you can see we pinned the arm to be more fitted. Just because she is busty doesn't mean she needs the extra room all over!}
 Her jackets were mostly too big in the arms, the armpits, and in the back. She is busty so she thought boxy was better. I told her no! Boxy makes her bigger! What she needs are blazers that are fitted without hugging. They should just skim the outline of her body shape.
{Here her seamstress shows you just how much extra fabric she had in the arms!}

A lot of her pants are now too big in the waist due to weight loss, but they are also too big in the legs. Here you can see how her seamstress is pinning her pant leg to accommodate for her tiny butt and legs.

The moral to this story is that you MUST make your seamstress your best friend. Most ladies will NEVER find clothes to fit their unique figure at a store or boutique. Designers use one standard fit model and they base that body on all of their designs. Most of us are not that model and you mustn't get discouraged while shopping! I know it sometimes is hard to swallow the price of a garment and then have to pay to get it altered, but believe me, it's the only way to go to get it to fit YOUR beautiful body perfectly. Trust me. You will be happier when you know that a garment has been custom tailored for YOUR body. You will feel confident and beautiful. And you can't put a price on that!

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