April 10, 2011

"Queen of the Air"

Amelia Earhart had a one passion and one passion only. To fly. Little did she know she had a naturally super cool sense of style that would be admired for years to come. Her style was a bit tomboyish. She wore trousers instead of dresses which was sort of a crazy thing to do for a lady in the 1930's. Leather jackets and silk scarves were also part of her signature style. Not only was she the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic, she has also gone down in history as one of America's most fabulous style icons!

 {Hence the bomber jacket that every lady must have in her wardrobe. See below for my personal favorite bomber styles.}

 Top left: Juicy Couture
Top right: Burberry
Bottom center: Day Birger et Mikkelsen (my ultimate personal fave ;)

{1st two scarves: Versace, 3rd scarf: Etro}
I feel that Amelia may have chosen one of these three scarves to complete her look. Little did she know, her silk scarf balanced out her tomboyish look to be not so tomboyish.

Here is a cool take on a modern day flight pant by J Brand. I am loving the zippers. Very cool worn with a heel. I think Amelia would approve.

Introducing Amelia Earhart Luggage!
 Even in the 1930's they knew when someone was marketable.

And if you have seen the movie "Amelia" starring the fantastic Hillary Swank, you might have noticed the cool bangle she is wearing all the time. It sort of looked like it is enamel in the film. But I have done some research and it was actually an elephant hide bracelet. It was one of her good luck charms. The bracelet sits in the Ninety Nine's Museum of Women Pilots in Oklahoma City. (And in case you didn't know, The Ninety Nine's was an organization of women pilots that Amelia started.) I'd say the bracelet was probably her signature piece. Have you ever thought about what your signature piece is? Something you wear all the time and people subtly notice?
You can barely see the bracelet here on Hillary's wrist as she plays the roll of Amelia Earhart.
{My "Paige" enamel bracelet from Stella & Dot is going to be my signature piece. For the summer anyway.} 

I thought this was just a beautiful photograph of the young Amelia holding a tennis racket. LOVE her attire. Especially the low V in the back. Even though she is labeled as a "tomboy" I find her more perfectly lady like than most "ladies"..............wouldn't you agree?
Above is a look I created using my personal interpretation of Amelia Earhart's style.
To me an example of a true style icon is someone who you can take and put into any time period and they would totally fit in.
I call it timeless elegance.
queen of the air by LauraLy featuring a ruffle jacket

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