April 20, 2011


{This is a look from Calvin Klein's spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection. You can always count on Calvin Klein for those clean lines and pure colors. Calvin Klein is the first designer that comes to my mind when the word minimalist is uttered.}

You Cannot Hide Behind Spring's Minimalist Looks! When I think of the minimalist trend that is so hot this spring I think of clean lines, color blocking, bold colors, definite shapes and a very brave women who can wear all of these looks! These looks may seem very simple, in the fact that there are no bells and whistles, no ruffles and lace, no layers upon layers and no where to hide. When a lady wears any of these minimalist looks I feel like she is really showing herself to the world. She is not hiding behind a costume. It is just good clean FASHION.
This is a bold statement square bag that I adore by Proenza Schouler. Perfect for the office. You could fit a really big sandwich in there! I LOVE this bold emerald green color.
Even designers like Shaun Kearney for Cynthia Steffe are on board with the whole minimalist movement. Cynthia Steffe is usually know for her ruffles and frills. I think Shaun Kearney did a fabulous job balancing out his collection to reflect the most modern Cynthia Steffe girl. Click HERE to view his entire Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection to see what I mean. The ruffles and cutouts were not left out. They were just left to a MINIMAL. (get it;))
Of course some of you are thinking minimalist is boring. But as you can see here with this look from Jill Sander it is far from boring. How could this possibly make you yawn? Yes, very minimal clothes and very clean lines, but look at that BURST of COLOR!! This is one of my favorite looks from this collection, but if you'd like to see more just click HERE.
These are some of my favorite minimalist bracelets for spring 2011.
{upper left to right: Flutter, Herv√© Van der Straeten, Dries Van Noten}
{lower middle: Christian Dior}

Super cool minimalist shoes!
{left to right: Pollini, Marni, Raphael Young}
{below: Calvin Klein}
What is going to be the one minimalist piece that you seek out this spring? Mine is going to be a red pencil skirt like this one below from See by Chlo√©.

I feel like I could really do a lot with this skirt...........see my examples below:
minimalist color block look #1
minimalist stripe look#2

minimalist office look #3

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