May 19, 2011

2011 Fall Trend Alert ~ CHOKERS


I remember wearing chokers in the 80's with my Nirvana t-shirt.
That was my 1st thought when I heard that chokers are making huge a comeback for fall 2011. Back then my look was a little goth/grunge/trend setter/trying to find myself. As we all know, everything comes back into style. Chokers were popular in the 1400's for goodness sakes! The WAY WE WEAR  the styles that come back is what we need to pay attention to. Even though there will always be a place in my heart for Kurt Cobain, I will never wear a Nirvana t-shirt ever again in my life because I no longer feel the need to let the world know what bands I like. However, I can picture myself wearing a really gorgeous choker this fall. In fact, I am looking forward to it!  Here are some looks that will inspire you to maybe just try on a choker:
(notice how chic these ladies look!)


{Bottega Veneta}

{Vena Cava}

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