May 30, 2011

How did you spend your Memorial Day?

I spent my Memorial Day RELAXING.........right after I brought some clothes to a local consignment shop for my fabulous client. Trust me, I didn't work too hard. I really wanted to finally finish the book "Water For Elephants" that I had begun reading about 3 months ago. I swore that by the time the movie came out I would have finished it, but I couldn't wait to see it and I am a scatter brain reader. Meaning I never can just read one book at a time from start to finish. I usually have a couple going on, not to mention the fashion books and magazines, the blog reading and writing, movie watching, being the assistant manager at "the boutique" and not to mention all the daydreaming I do! I could probably write a book! It would mostly be a book of quotes and thoughts that I think since I can't seem to get them all organized. The list goes on and on. But that is life! And I have to say that life has been very good to me :)
So as I was saying. I couldn't wait to finish the book before seeing the movie "Water For Elephants." I was in fear that it would not be at the theater for very long and this was a film I definitely want to see on the big screen. I knew that there would be some seriously glamorous 1930's fashion going on. And I was right. I must applaud costume designer Jacqueline West! Just look at how absolutely stunning Reese Witherspoon looks in these photos from the movie!

 I am not sure who did Reese's hair and make up, but without it her look would not be complete. Click HERE to visit this really cool website that gives a tutorial on how to get her look!

The way she wore the scarf in her hair was so elegant yet extremely simple to do. Just wear a silk sash in your hair and tie it to the side of your nape. Let the ends blow in the wind! I will try this look tomorrow.

{May 2011 US Vogue}

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Nancy said...

LOVE the incorporation of style with the book!! Great job! Love, Nancy