May 13, 2011

How To Dress Up Your Shorts

In my opinion, shorts have not been given the credit that they deserve......until now! They used to be known as that super casual, wear them with sneakers, kind of piece that we never gave much thought into styling. Well for the past few years they have been big in the fashion world and I have to say that this year they have officially made their way into the fashion headlines as that fashion piece that you just have to have! You might just call 2011 The Year Of The Shorts! We used to think that only the longer Bermuda styles of shorts could be our only dressed up option, but now ALL LENGTHS ARE IN! It totally depends on what length looks the best on YOU! See below for a few hints on how to dress up your shorts. (and NO WORKOUT SNEAKERS ALLOWED!)

Wear your shorts as a suit to the office, that is if you have a job in fashion, or anything to do with the arts ie. gallery owner, dance choreographer, or if you are lucky enough own your own boutique. You will look professional enough to be taken seriously, yet casual enough to feel comfortable. Not to mention how super cool you will look. Wear a heel for a more sophisticated look.
And I LOVE the baggy short look. They look so relaxed and pretty at the same time. And don't feel like you always have to wear a jacket with your shorts to dress them up. A simple white blouse like the one Leighton Meester is wearing in the photo below also looks fabulous.
Leighton's blouse just happens to be feminine, but a more tailored style works just as well like the one Alexa Chung is wearing in the photo below:
The important thing to remember when dressing up your shorts is to keep the look soft and feminine, and as non sporty as you can. It may just be as simple as adding some long pearls to a drapy tee.

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