May 29, 2011

Laura's Lovely Look Of The Day ~ "Fasten Your Seat Belts Please."

 What I wore:
Mixit jacket
Talbots cami
Talbots brown weave peep toe pumps
Silpada jewelry

 What I like about this look:
This look made me sort of feel like a cross between a stewardess and an actor on the tv show Mad Men. But that is what is cool about fashion. You can dress in a "costume" every day! I love the fit and the high waisted-ness of this jacket as well as the gathered shoulders. It was actually something I found at Goodwill! It is just one of those pieces that I knew I would wear a lot and I can wear it many different ways. And the fact that it was $2 . 50 made me feel very proud :-) The brown pencil skirt I am wearing made this look sexy without being trashy. It is long enough (just to the top of my knee caps) so it looks respectable, but the slit makes it not so matronly. I decided to pull my hair back in a chic pony tail and go with a larger hoop style earring. (I love these copper and silver beauties from Silpada ;) Since my earrings are bigger I decided to forgo the thought of wearing a necklace, even though the neckline of this jacket and cami would have looked great with one. I am a less is more kind of thinker. If I did a necklace I would have done a tiny earring.

What do you think of this look?

And not to completely change the subject, but I just want to mention  one of the greatest lipsticks I have ever tried. It is Rouge Coco by Chanel in a pretty pink called LÉGENDE. I RECEIVED THIS TINY FREE SAMPLE FROM CHANEL IN THE MOST ADORABLE TINY LITTLE SHOPPING BAG. MY FIRST THOUGHT WAS THAT IF I STILL PLAYED WITH BARBIE DOLLS, THIS WOULD BE HER PERFECT SHOPPING BAG! ISN'T IT CUTE?!

This lipstick is great. It goes on light and smooth and it lasts for at least 4 hours before I need to apply again. And I almost don't even have to wear a lip moisturizer with it!
{Yes that is Lady Gaga on the cover of my Harper's Bazaar magazine in the background. Have you heard her latest CD? It is FABULOUS. She is one of those people who I love and hate at the same time. Her voice is amazing}

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